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  tAsH @ 04.06.07
Jeff Anderson - Housing kommt
Vorgestern führte ein Interview mit Turbine-Chef Jeff Anderson. In diesem ging es um zukünftigen Content und neuen Funktionen. Unter anderem ist das Buch 11 der epischen Questreihe f�¼r den Herbst geplant. Aber auch ein von vielen Spielern hei�� ersehntes Feature wird im Interview angek�¼ndigt, es handelt sich dabei um Housing, Anderson geht sogar weiter drauf ein und verr�¤t das jeder Spieler sein Haus selber dekorieren und ver�¤ndern kann - er sieht es als zweiten \\\"Avatar\\\" der den Spieler verk�¶rpert wenn dieser nicht online ist... Hier ein Abschnitt des Interviews: Jeff Anderson: You know, yes and no. The way we look at deploying online games is that you need to know where you are going, but sometimes the path you get there will change based on how the product is being received by the consumers. So there are certain milestones that we want to hit. For example, the first expansion pack. We have certain key updates that we need to get into the product. Part of being a service is that we need to be listening to where the players are taking us and what they are interested in. A year ago, if you had have asked me if we would have been adding updates to the music system, I would have said, \\\"What music system?\\\" But those are the things that we continually react to and listen to from the players perspective. For example, we have got this one [Book 9] coming out that sort of fills in the level 35-45 content, then we are coming up with Book 10 a couple months after that. Clearly one of the big things people are excited about is monster play, and thats why we are coming back in Book 10 and adding a lot of upgrades to that, both in terms of quests, experience, and gameplay mechanics. And then in Book 11 this coming fall and October, weare going to be releasing more space, more content, and also a very large housing system that will allow players to own their own home in the world of Middle Earth. Shack: Can you give me an example of some of the new monster play mechanics in Book 10, or is that still being worked out? Jeff Anderson: Well, you will see that the raid mechanics that we have built into monster play are really going to go through a big upgrade. We are going to provide a lot more--I am trying to think of a good way to describe them--multiple objectives to the same instance? Today, there is really one objective when you grab a castle or a keep--it is going to defeat the head boss. I think we have got some pretty exciting upgrades. You are going to be able to go into the game and get bonus level characters, so that you can go in and start playing as some of the elite monsters. I could tell you more about that, but I think we are going to wait another 30 or 60 days or so before we start explaining that. I would love to sit down in another 30 days and tell you about how you are going to be playingâ�¦ and I will kind of leak this one to you, but you are going to be able to play as massive trolls in the game, as one example. We can go out there and just start destroying big swaths of land and tearing up the world. And that is great. People love monster play, that is what theyare excited about. But those kinds of upgrades are coming down the pipe, and we are looking forward to adding more of those. Shack: I know you have not announced anything specific about player housing, but could you share some of the possibilities you are considering in terms of how you plan to integrate that into the current game? Will they be instanced houses inside a sort of demarcated \\\"player housing zone\\\"?