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02.09.09 17:40:43
Mal die Stimmung anheizen hier.
Soweit ich weiss habens Edi und ich bereits vorbestellt. Vielleicht finden sich ja noch eion paar damit wir ein schlagkraeftiges Squad bilden koennen.

Der Thread hier soll Infos und Videos zum Spiel bereitstellen.
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02.09.09 17:41:13

Analyse der vorhandenen Waffen und Variationen die in den diversen Trailern zu sehen sind.
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02.09.09 17:45:28
Multiplayer Trailer 1

da youtube HD videos sich hier nicht embedden lassen einfach mal der pure Link
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02.09.09 17:48:30
Capture the Flag Multiplayer Trailer

da youtube HD videos sich hier nicht embedden lassen einfach mal der pure Link
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02.09.09 19:02:54
nice weiter so tetsu, (hab noch net bestellt, wird aber passieren, erstmal ne graka organisieren)
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02.09.09 20:05:56
sehr nett, Kaufueberlegung................
     quote Ttet Onkel Dittmeyer........

02.09.09 20:19:56
aber sowas von ! ! !
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02.09.09 20:41:56
Fuer die die ihn noch nicht gesehen haben verlink ich hier auch nochmal den Reveal-Trailer: lated

Frage an Edi: Was faselt der Russki da ganz am Ende?
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02.09.09 21:17:21
hab ich net verstanden, klingt klingonisch oder walisch...
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17.09.09 11:06:06
Riesenhaufen neuer Infos. Hilft wenn ihr des englischen maechtig seid. Absolut Hammer. Der MP wird mal wieder sowas von geil!

Ah, killstreaks. Crap players only see (or feel) them, while good ones dish them out. MW2 brings a whole bunch of new killstreak goodness for you to eat and/or dole out. Surely you remember the goodl ol\\\' UAV radar that comes with 3 consecutive kills. That is now followed by a new one that comes with 4 kills in a row, called \\\"care packages.\\\" These air drops actually fall somewhat randomly, and you\\\'ll have to watch out, because the enemy can also pick them up. Sometimes it\\\'s more ammo, but you can also potentially nab any of the available killstreaks. Get lucky and you\\\'ll getone of the better ones for a much lower killstreak \\\"cost.\\\" Speaking of the better ones, 5 kills brings about the awesome Predator Missile, which you control from your laptop, from out in the field. On your laptop, you\\\'ll see an overhead view; it lets you guide the damage to wherever you\\\'d like. If you\\\'re one of the \\\"good ones,\\\" you\\\'ll get 11 kills in a row, letting you tear up the battlefield from the sky from an AC 130. I\\\'ve never felt that joy, but I\\\'m glad to know that someday I may, thanks to the random drops in the care packages.

Perks and accessibility:
They added a ton of perks, of course. I didn\\\'t get the opportunity to see all of them -- I was too busy being killed -- but the ones I saw were cool. Bling gives you more weapon holding power, while Scavenger lets you rummage through the bodies on the battlefield for goodies.

Increases in accessibility were more obvious to me as a less than great player. I really appreciate that they\\\'ve worked to help level the playing field in MW2. Just as killstreaks give you help when you\\\'re good, Deathstreaks give you help when you suck. One of my favorites, Copycat, actually gives you, the crap player, the the rank, weapons, and abilities of that guy that just took you out in the Kill Cam. Revenge is sweet. One that helped me out the most is Painkiller. It gives you a nice spawning health boost to help keep the heat off of you.

Game play tweaks:
During my few hours of hands-on time, I noticed some neat changes in how things work. First off, your secondary weapon is no longer limited to pistols and the like. Load up a missile launcher if you wish. You snipery assholes can tote around double the sniping power if you wish now. Speaking of weapons, the new riot shield counts as one. I found that I was so busy watching my front with it equipped that my ass was an open target. I\\\'m sure it\\\'s cool, though.

Your other grenade slot has become an all-purpose slot now. Sure, you can still put frag grenades and the like in that slot, but I\\\'d bet some of the fun new additions would suit you better. The Tactical Insertion flares can be dropped anywhere on the map. Should they remain untouched, you\\\'ll actually spawn at the drop point. This adds some very interesting strategy. Got a favorite spot? Use this flare and you\\\'ll man it more easily. An early favorite use for this slot is the previously mentioned throwing knives. Media people at the event were having a blast working to take out enemies without bullets. A kill with the throwing knife is somehow both gratifying and hilarious.

We only saw three last night. I\\\'m sure Infinity Ward is sitting on the good stuff, but the three we saw were fantastic.

\\\"Favela\\\" is set in the somewhat slummy Rio de Janeiro. Doorless broken down buildings provide plenty of hiding places, as do dark, muddy alleyways. There\\\'s not a lot of open space in this mazelike map, leaving you to find yourself in close quarters, and highly likely to find a surprise right around the corner.

\\\"Highrise\\\" starts you off amongst sky scrapers that appear to be in the middle of construction. It isn\\\'t a map with high vantage points for sniping, as you\\\'d probably imagine from its name. Instead, you\\\'ll be ducking around temporary walls and office windows, trying to find out where the hell that gunfire is coming from.

\\\"Afghan\\\" is perhaps the most stunning of the three. Set in the desert, you\\\'ll run around an amazing centerpiece: a blown up airplane. This isn\\\'t the flat desert you\\\'re imagining, though. While there is wide-open spaces, broken plane sections provide cover. You\\\'ll need that cover, as the surrounding hillsides provide ample places for snipers to pick off the slow and unfocused.

Surely you\\\'ve heard that Capture the Flag is back. It is, and it\\\'s good. We played that, Team Deathmatch, and two other modes. \\\"Domination\\\" is a flag-happy, chaotic mode that has you either nabbing as many enemy flags as you can, or working to block the enemy from doing the same to you. My favorite new mode, \\\"Demolition,\\\" is much more explosive -- literally. Teams take turns: one team defends while the other attacks a couple of bomb points on a map. The offensive team is trying to blow up both points in a set amount of time. If they do, they score a point. Defensive, of course, is working to protect those bomb points. Then you switch. The team that has the most points after two rounds wins. This promotes team play and gives clear objectives, making for a nice change from the typical deathmatch.
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17.09.09 12:37:33
Wird eh verboten werden siehe ansbach
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17.09.09 12:43:12
jo ... laeuft scho wieder rauf und runter im radio
  mail icqquote Leck is da glatt! Barbra, hol mal an Streisand!

19.09.09 14:26:15
nice features, besonders die AC130 bei 11 Kills in a row, werd ich aber nie schaffen..........
     quote Ttet Onkel Dittmeyer........
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